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Helping you to sell your products online. Payment gateway development and shopping cart systems.

Do You Want to Sell Products Online?

Having a E-Commerce system allows for customer usability with a full shopping cart and browsing experience.

E-Commerce Website Development York

An E-Commerce website is a website that includes a secure shopping cart. This makes the overall online shopping experience an easy and safe option. Customers will return to your site again and again secure in the knowledge that their details will be treat in a confidential and secure way, which in today’s climate is crucial with online sales.

Online Shopping Carts

Internet shopping has become an everyday method of purchasing items. It is an easy, stress free method of shopping from the comfort of your own home. However, whilst increasing the accessibility to items, online sales also increased the chance of credit card fraud and identity theft. It is, therefore, essential to protect your website and it’s users.

Easy Shopping Cart Management

JPS Media will provide you with a fully content managed shopping cart website. This type of website means you can alter and amend your items for sale whenever you want. Your website will, therefore, always be up to date with a comprehensive list of what is available to your customers. We use the best E-Commerce software to allow you ease of use, with easy content management through the admin panel. You simply log in, add your products details and pictures and your customers have instant access to a list of your products.

This type of software also allows you to create lists of items that have been reduced in price, and also allows you to list special items to try and capture your users attention. The admin panel can be designed so you can have an overview of your online sales. You will be able to analyse trends in sales and will also be able find out where your customers live and where your website is most popular. You will be able to tailor your website to match your customers needs

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