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Underground Pods were a new business venture so needed a website building from scratch. We discussed their requirements and discussed that in order to make their business succeed online, they would need an eCommerce site. An eCommerce site was perfect for this company as this type of website makes it easy for their customers to buy the Underground Pods. We ensured that the website was easy to navigate around and place orders with Underground Pods. We also ensured that we included a number of photos of the pods available so the potential customers could decide which pod to purchase.  Each different potential use for the Underground Pods were built a separate page. This ensured that the website allowed the user to see the full potential of the pods.

About Underground Pods

Underground Pods sell pods that can be fitted underground. The purpose of the pods is to extend the size of the home. Building rooms underground is an effective way of making the most of the available space. An Underground Pod is perfect for homes were space to extend is limited. They are perfect for us in a built-up urban area where space is limited.

Working With Underground Pods

Underground Pods first came to us because they wanted us to build them an eCommerce website. We were happy to work with Underground Pods as this sounded like an interesting product. The aim of the website was to showcase the product and to attract new customers. We, therefore, agreed to design them a website that was easy to use and navigate around.

One of the most important things that Underground Pods wanted was to show the user the variety of uses of the Underground Pod. Therefore, we made separate pages for each of the main uses of underground pods. This was so the user could get a general idea of what they could use the extra space in their home for.

In order to ensure that the user to purchase an underground pod with ease, we made sure that the eCommerce aspect of the website was simple to use. We did not want to overly complicate the process of purchasing from Underground Pods. If the website was complicated to use, then the user would be less likely to buy a pod.

Unlike other website builds that we have done, Underground Pods, required us to write the content for them. This involved ensuring that the content of the website was tailored to certain keywords. Therefore, the website would appear high on search engine results pages. We enjoyed building the website and writing the content that appears on it.

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