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JPS Media will help your business succeed online. We know what makes a website work for a business and what doesn’t. Start your journey to successful online marketing today!!

So you have a website but you could use more traffic.

Does this sound familiar?

If you answered yes to the above, then you need to contact JPS Media. We specialise in online marketing and building you a targetted social audience online to help your business sell more.

We tailor all our online marketing campaigns to each business utilising SEO, content marketing, and email marketing paired with smart funnels and an effective social media campaign to help you grow your business online. The best part about this type of marketing is that you will grow.

The best part about this type of marketing is that you will grow over time. Let’s say you run a printed leaflet campaign that is posted out to potential customers’ homes. That’s a one-time thing they either call you or bin the leaflet. Whereas with online marketing your advertisements, content, and traffic funnels will always be there generating more leads.

If you would like to have more customers boost your online presence contact JPS Media today.

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How does Online Marketing Work?

Online marketing is vital for any website. Whether its social media marketing, email, or SEO. Social media marketing can be used to target your ideal audience. We would create engaging content to keep your followers engaged and turn them followers into your customers. Email marketing is effective if done well with a genuine subscriber base. We can work with you and develop full professional looking responsive html email templates to email to your subscribers to keep them interested and to advertise more of your products and or services. The next, SEO, for us here at JPS Media this is one of the most important aspects. Your competitors are working on their websites SEO and so should you. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and involves improving your websites relevance for important keywords on Google. This can be using a wide range of techniques from technical SEO aspects to do with your website, file sizes and loading speed. Paired with content creation, optimisation and the all important link building. But first it all starts with a website audit. 

Why Do You Need To Have Your Website Audited?

A website audit gives us clear data and research to be able to make strategic decisions to help improve a businesses online marketing presence. 

You may think that once you have had your website built for you, you do not need any further work carried out on it. You may think that having a website will automatically mean you are going to be successful online. However, if you are thinking this, then you would be wrong. Over time, a website’s health can deteriorate and its success for your business can start to diminish. So how do you stop this happening? Well, if you treat your website similar to the way you treat your car then you will be on your way to understanding why you need to regularly check the health of your website. I mean, you get your car regularly checked for faults, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your website? However, it is extremely important to state that you shouldn’t wait until your website completely fails your business before you start to take action. You need to be proactive in order to ensure that your online presence does not suffer. So what do you need to do? The answer is to have regular website audits carried out on your current website.

So what is the main purpose of a website audit? JPS Media would argue that the main purpose of a website audit is to give a clear and complete, detailed analysis into to the performance, speed and health of a website. Combined with highlighting any issues or advantages that can be made in its online ranking and presence. By assessing these areas of a website, we will be given a full, complete picture of the effectiveness of your website. We will be able to clearly see the areas that need work and the areas that are working well for your business. This information will allow JPS Media to advise you on what we will need to do to your website in order to make your business have a successful online presence. 

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