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Search Engine Optimisation doesn’t have to be as costly as you may think and returns a greater ROI on any print marketing. Try an SEO Campaign today to discover what a higher search engine position could do for your business.

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JPS Media tailor all our SEO campaigns to each customer. Because let’s face it, every person and business is different. Although the core concepts of SEO and online marketing are the same, you need a fresh approach that not only drives great results but also helps to make you stand out. In other words, stand out above your competitors.

SEO isn’t just about adding a few keywords and hoping for the best anymore. Today SEO is actually a lot more about creating a great user experience and combining this with highly relevant content in order to extend the reach of your website. Combining these two tactics enables us to generate great results time and time again.

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    Some Of Our Available Services

    Website SEO Audit

    Before we proceed with any SEO campaign, JPS Media will run a full audit of your website to detect weaknesses that may need urgent attention. This audit will allow us to understand exactly what is required to achieve a good position in search engines.

    Keyword Research

    It is important to ensure any SEO work is put into pointful keywords that not only rank the website well but also convert traffic into paying customers. It's pointless being top of Google for keywords if people aren't using them to find your business to start with.

    Competitor Analysis

    To enable us to advance your website ahead of your competitors online, we would run a full analysis of your competitors. This allows us to understand what they are doing to their website and their online presence.

    Link Building

    This is a controversial one in the SEO world but we don't directly build links. Instead, we generate content and tools that generate their own links by utilising quality content and customer requirements. This will increase your website's credibility online.

    On-Page SEO

    A lot of the on-page SEO tactics we utilise are related to user experience and website performance. This is the best strategy we utilise to generate the best results. This paired with a content strategy makes for a unstoppable online marketing campaign.

    Off-Site SEO

    A lot of off-site SEO comes in forms of remote advertising, press releases, and managing directory listings, and utilising social signals. This ensures that we drive relevant traffic through to your website.

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      It's All In The Statistics

      • Between 70% and 80% of users completely ignore Google paid AdWords placements.
      • 60% of Traffic visit the top three websites in search engine results.
      • 75% of users never move on past the first page of search results.
      Where Does Your Web Traffic Come From?
      • 51 percent of all website traffic comes from organic search
      • 10 percent from paid search
      • 5 percent for social
      • 34 percent from all other sources.

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