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So you are looking for someone to help you get your website ranking highly in  search engines. Luckily for you, you have landed on the right web page. The same way you have found me is the same way your clients could be finding you. To discuss your SEO requirements contact me today.

York Based Freelance SEO Consultant

Hi my name is James Sweete and I am a Freelance SEO Consultant and have been helping people and businesses build a great online presence for over 15 years. I have seen great changes in the technology as well as the techniques and strategies used to rank a website over this time.  

Having been a Website Developer in the early stages of my career in the world of building websites. This put me in an ideal position to jump straight into technical SEO and develop my skills further down the SEO rabbit hole. Which gets pretty deep once you delve in. Being some what of a data and analytical nerd, search engine optimisation and web development seemed to flow hand  in hand with me and after years of experience  helping clients achieve great ranking positions this is where I specialise today.

Freelance SEO Consultant

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    SEO Consultancy That Works

    So you have a website and it looks fantastic, but it ranks no where on search engines for any of your keywords. This is why you need to hire an SEO consultant to come and turn your website in a converting sales machine.

    How It Works:

     Our Freelance SEO Consultancy service is a fully white label so we can even come and help your existing SEO or Web team.

    1. Your SEO Consultant will audit your website and look for ways to gain a fast increase in traffic. Sometimes applying simple SEO Technical practices can dramatically improve a websites overall ranking. The audit will be broken down into sections and clearly explaining exactly what needs to be rectified on the website. 
    2.  Next we would research your competitors and establish an agreed SEO strategy to move forward with to best suit your business needs and requirements as well as improve your overall search engine ranking.
    3.  Your SEO Consultant will then perform the agreed SEO tactics and strategies to your website and start driving traffic and gaining overall positions on search. 

    Still Not Sure?

    Call us today on: 03333 444 923

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