Why Is My Website Not Appearing For A Certain Key Phrase On Google?

One of the most common issues people come to JPS Media for help with, is an issue with their web presence.

This is usually because they have either built their own website or had someone else who isn’t experienced in online marketing build it for them. 

So what can you do when you can’t find your website on google for a certain key phrase or keyword you ask? 

Here are a few steps to take to ensure you are ticking all the boxes to give you the best chances of a good search position. 

Website Relevance

Relevance is a huge thing. The simple fact is if your website isn’t ranking for a particular key phrase or term, then it’s usually because Google doesn’t see your website as being relevant for it. So the key here is to work out why which some of the next few options will cover.

Google my business profiles (GMB)

GMB profiles are a huge must for any local SEO. If you want to appear in the map results for area or local searches this is your starting point. You would be surprised how many businesses come to us with no idea what this is and do not have one. 

Appropriate Meta Titles

For meta titles, this isn’t so much of a huge deal these days since Google auto generates these now. But it can’t hurt to use a relevant and user catching meta title for your pages and posts. We still even in 2022 see website with “homepage” for their main page titles. 


Website copy is always going to be the key for SEO. Being relevant and authoritative in your writing will keep the user engaged and there for tick all the boxes for ranking signals in Google’s eyes. 


Your website link profile is best thought of as a thumbs up voting procedure. Where the higher the linking domain strength the better the “vote” and so the the better this will be for your overall Google position. This also breaks into relevance as well. So the more relevant and the greater the linking domain strength the greater the overall improvement would be. 

In my vast experience the general issue is usually either lack of links, or lack of content or both. Pairing these 2 strategies together usually can resolve any ranking issue for most keywords and phrases. 

If you would like a completely free website audit, contact us today.  

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