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Website Management For Businesses Based In York

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York Website Management

Does your website regularly bring in new customers to your business? Do you feel like your website is doing everything you want it to do? Is your website optimised for mobile devices? If you have answered no to these questions, then you have come to the right place!!

What Is Website Management?

Larger businesses will often have an in-house website management team who are there to constantly look after their website. They will ensure that the website is always up to date so that the business does not fall behind its competitors. Having an in-house website management team is not cost effect for small and medium businesses. Small to medium businesses often hire a web design company to design them a website for their business. Once the website is live, the business may decide to sit back and hope that their target audience will find their website. However, if you want your website to work for you, sitting back and hoping is not enough!! This is where JPS Media can help!

A website management company like ours will offer a number of different services that are combined together so that you no longer have to worry about the running of your website. When you choose JPS Media for your website management, we will do all the website related work and all you need to do is tell us what you need! The management we offer can be broken down into the following three categories: content management, website support and website security. 

Content Management

For your website to continually attract new customers, you need to ensure your website is always up to date. If your website is noticeably out of date, Internet users will think that your business is also out of date. Out of date websites will often rank low on search engine result pages. This may result in your business missing out on potential customers. It is, therefore, extremely important that you manage your website correctly and keep its contents up to date.

To ensure that your website is up to date, it is important to regularly add content. Content management isn’t as simple as pasting text and clicking the publish button. It includes adding photographs, posting relevant blog posts and fixing any broken web pages.

Another important factor when considering content management, is optimising the content for the Internet. You need to ensure that all of the content you add is properly formatted. To be able to do this effectively, knowledge of search engine optimisation is important. This also applies to posting images. Images need to be optimised with appropriate tags and be compressed in size so that they do not effect the speed of your website. This is where JPS Media can help. We are experts in content management and will provide you with a website that works for your business.

Website Support

Website support encompasses a wide range of services. These include tweaking the layout of your website, or changing images or content. It also includes adding email addresses, helping you with forgotten logins and passwords. Website support also includes answering any questions related to your website or online presence. So if you are a business in York and you need help with your website support, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Website Security

As you will be aware, websites are under constant attack by hackers and cyber criminals. Most of these attacks are designed to use your website to infect the user’s computer. Therefore, making sure that your site is secure is a vital service offered by website management companies. This service may include more passive management like setting up good firewalls to block the hackers, or more active management such as malware scans. So no matter what type of website security your York based business requires, you can trust that JPS Media to ensure that your website is protected!

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Why Does My York Business Need A Website Management Company?

More than 10 years a go it was extremely easy to build a website in order to attract customers to your business. However, due to the increase in popularity of the Internet, it is not as simple anymore. In the past your website would have been viewed as a digital business card. This is no longer the case. A website is now viewed as a fully, functional extension to your business. Your website will still form a key component to your business, however, they need to be treat differently. you can no longer just use your website to market your business, you now need to ensure that you market the actual website. This entails managing your content, its security and its functionality. You need to ensure that your website stands out from your competitors in order to attract customers to your business.

Ensuring that you manage your website correctly does bring many benefits to your business. These include:

In order to turn your website into a virtual cash register, you will need to integrate eCommerce into your website. This means that your customers will be able to buy products from your website and pay for them quickly and securely.

Having your website management company carry out search engine optimisation on your website will allow you to target key words. Targeting key words will increase your chances of your website appearing higher on search engine results pages for those key words. This increases your chances of attracting your target user.
Website management will allow you to track the shopping habits of your customers. It allows you to tailor the content of your website to their needs. You will also be able to obtain direct feedback from your customers.

What Can JPS Media Do For You?

There are no fixed list of duties that a website management company has to perform, however, listed below are a few key duties that we offer to you:

  • Add or update website content as and when you require it
  • Carry out different types of online marketing campaigns, ranging from search engine optimisation, (SEO), to social media marketing
  • Refine your website when you request it
  • Help to promote your website
  • Ensure functionality across all devices including mobiles
  • Monitor, analyse and report on your website’s performance, making any changes to your website as and when it is necessary.


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