Wilberfoss Church

Wilberfoss Church

Wilberfoss Church is a small community church nestled in the beautiful Village of Wilberfoss. They provide a safe and welcoming space for the community with the aim to help people strengthen their relationship with God.

Wilberfoss Church had recently been awarded money from the Heritage Fund and decided that one of the most beneficial things to spend some of this money on was to have a website built. This is because they realised that having a website would mean that they could reach out to more people. They, therefore, contacted JPS Media so that we could build them a community portal website.

A community portal website would mean that it was somewhere where people could go to keep up to date with everything to do with the church and the village. We ensured that we included the history of the church, and also full details regarding the restoration of the church thanks to the heritage fund. 

We built the website using welcoming and calming colours. This was because, here at JPS Media, we understand the importance of colour when it comes to building websites! We wanted this website to become a safe place for all those wanting information regarding Wilberfoss Church. 


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