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JPS Media have worked closely with Timberwolf for a number of years. We feel that we have built up a strong, trusting relationship with Timberwolf. Timberwolf also asked us to run their Search Engine Optimisation campaign. This helps to ensure that their website continues to appear high on search engine result pages. We ensure that their website is constantly up to date and we have recently revamped their website in order to keep up with the changes happening on the Internet. This ensures that the website we built for Timberwolf is always relevant and up to date. Here at JPS Media, we are extremely proud of the work we have carried out for Timberwolf!

The website works extremely well in showcasing the services that Timberwolf has to offer. It is beautifully built and is easy to navigate around. We are extremely proud of this website and feel that it shows the techniques that JPS Media have developed over the years.

Timberwolf Floors Website

About Timberwolf

Timberwolf is a specialist floor sanding company and is owned and managed by Gary Middleton. We have over 25 years of experience in both restoration and installation of different types of wood flooring. This means that we always pay high attention to detail in order to ensure that we restore your floor back to its original glory.

Timberwolf has the manpower and specialist equipment to allow us to meet the high demand of restoring wooden floors in a variety of environments, including village halls, churches, the commercial sector and also school. They have the expertise and knowledge in order to allow them to work in a wide range of environments, meaning that whatever environment Timberwolf works in, you will be left with a wooden floor you can be proud of!! Even though Timberwolf is able to work on larger wooden floors, they are also able to restore floors in the domestic market. This is due to their finesse and their ability to pay a high amount of attention to detail. Timberwolf offers a wide range of services for businesses and homes across York and Hull. These services include floor sanding, wooden floor renovation, floor restoration and floor varnishing.

Building The Website

Timberwolf originally contacted us because they wanted us to build them a website that would showcase their services. We agreed that we would build them a brand new brochure website. This meant that we needed to build a website that would truly showcase the expertise that Timberwolf has. Therefore, we built in a beautiful gallery that would show some of the previous work carried out by Timberwolf. This meant that new and existing customers could see how well Timberwolf restores the life back into tired and worn out wooden floors.

We ensured that the website we built was easy to use and navigate around. We designed a gallery page that showcased the previous work of Timberwolf. This allows the user to fully appreciate the expertise of Timberwolf. Thus helping them make the decision as to whether they would want to work with Timberwolf. The design of the website allows the user to navigate around it with ease. This allows them to enjoy using the website and decreases their stress in finding a floor restoration company to work with.

To enable the user to get a feel of how previous clients felt about the work they had carried out by Timberwolf, we built a review page. This allowed the user to see how others felt at a glance. Thus arming them with the relevant information to allow them to decide whether they would want to work with Timberwolf. A review is a perfect way to showcase your work. This is why a review page is essential on a brochure website.

To ensure that the user understands that Timberwolf is experts in floor sanding, we included a page describing the equipment used by Timberwolf. Dust free sanding machinery is one of the unique selling points of Timberwolf. Therefore, we included a full page describing why Timberwolf uses this type of equipment. By doing this, we allowed the user to get an overall feel as to the services that Timberwolf offer.

Once we had built the original website, Timberwolf contacted us regarding our SEO services. Using a company with a high amount of SEO experience would allow your website to appear high on search engine results pages. The first thing that we did when Timberwolf contacted us was to discuss what we would be able to offer them and Timberwolf was happy to proceed. We write content for the website on a monthly basis. The content we write is easy to read and relevant. JPS Media are proud of the success we have had with Timberwolf.

In order to fully sell their services, Timberwolf contacted us to add some videography on to the website. This allowed the user to see the type of work Timberwolf carried out. We visited Timberwolf on location at one of their projects and filmed them at work. JPS Media truly enjoyed working closely with Timberwolf on this video and feel that we were successful in this venture!

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