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Are you looking for someone to manage and run your website for you? Do you wish you could have an expert oversee your website to ensure everything is running perfectly and the content and work that is being done is driving the correct traffic and converting to sales? JPS Media are here to help you.

Fully Managed Websites

We offer a server of managing your website for you, for a monthly fee with agreed hours spent per month. This can range from any tasks from content creation, blog posts, pages and general marketing. Product listing, text and image management. Or overseeing your own in house content marketers to ensure you are targeting the correct key words. Why run your own website when you can let the experts do that, while you focus and concentrate on running your business. 

Many businesses build a website and simply leave them and never touch or add to them. Overtime if a website is not managed and maintained correctly they can soon become stale, look outdated and generally not hold much value or relevance to your target market. This can then hinder the websites overall marketing and SEO tactics. By letting us manage your website, we can take away the stress from you thinking you should. We can help ensure your website is the sales and marketing machine that you always wish you had. Contact JPS Media for more information. 

Website Management Bespoke To You

Every business is different, we understand that here at JPS Media, this is why we tailor everything we do to each and every customer. Do you only require us to manage a specific aspect of your website? Or help you run or automate an area of your business that can help manage the business in a streamlined and more efficient way? Discuss your needs and requirements with us below. We are here to make website management an easy and stress free task. Contact us today for a free quote without obligation. 

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