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Website Design For Businesses In York

Do you own a business in York? Does your business have a website? If you have answered yes to these questions, then we want you to think about whether your website is truly working for your business. Is it attracting new clients or customers? Is it attracting the right target user? If you have answered no to these questions, then you need to get in contact with JPS Media now! We know what will work for your York Business! So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us today!

So Do You Know What Website Design Is?

The design process is the collection of ideas and aesthetically arranging these ideas, guided by certain procedures and rules for a specific purpose. Web design uses a similar process with the end purpose of presenting certain content on a web pages, which the end user will access through the Internet using a web browser.

Web design uses the same following elements of any design project:

Colour: The choice of colour of your website depends on what you need your website for. It also depends on whether you would like a colourful website or a black and white one. Colours alter the effect a website creates.

Layout: The layout is the way graphics and the text are arranged on a page. The goal of the layout of a website is to give the user all the information they require at a quick glance. An overly complex layout will confuse the user and they will move on to a different website.

Fonts: Web designers will often use different fonts to make the website aesthetically pleasing. However, most web browsers can only read a certain number of fonts. Therefore web designers will often use the fonts in this widely accepted group so that the web page will load on all web browsers.

Graphics: The graphics of a website includes its logos, photos and icons. The graphics will enhance the experience for the clients. To ensure that the graphics do not effect the overall use of the website, a web designer will have to place the graphics appropriately, while working with the colour and design on the website as a whole. The size of the graphics need to be taken into consideration as too big pictures will slow down the website.

Content: The content of the website is important to the design. It must be relevant and useful. It must not confuse the reader and they must be able to find the information they require at a glance. If they can’t, they may leave the website. To increase the chance of appearing higher on search result pages, the content must be optimised for the web, incorporating keywords. If you need help with search engine optimisation, then contact us and we can discuss how we can help you!

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Why Is Website Design Important to My York Business?

  • Competition: You need to invest in the design of your website because that is what your competitors are doing. If they have a more professional looking and better designed website to you, your clients will be more likely to purchase from them than you.
  • Navigation and Usability: One of the most important aspects of web design is that it needs to be user friendly. If you have a website that is cluttered and confusing to use, your clients will not what to use your website to purchase services or goods. They will go to one of your competitors who do have a user friendly website.
  • Consistency: You need to ensure that your web pages are consistent. Users prefer websites that have pages that look and feel the same. This is an important aspect of web design.

So Why Should You Choose JPS Media For Your Website Design?

We have over ten years designing beautiful bespoke websites for clients all over the country. We ensure that we work closely with our clients so that we know that they are happy during every step of the design process. This ensures we build them a website that meets all of their specific requirements. We make sure that we are always up to date with website accessibility and protocols so that all of the websites we build are compliant. We are proud that we have helped our clients to succeed on the Internet and that by doing this, we have taken the stress of building a web presence from our clients, leaving them to concentrate on other areas of their business.

So if you want a service that goes beyond building you a website, then you need to contact JPS Web Design. We care about our clients and understand that they are passionate about their business. All of the websites we build are bespoke to our clients needs so that they are built a website that they are proud of and one that truly works for their business. We offer reasonable prices and our timescales are excellent. Our main aim is to provide the best possible service and we want to be able to give you a website that floods your business with clients!

Take a look at our previous work here! Then contact us to find out how we can help your York business.

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