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Do you own a business in the county of South Yorkshire? Do you feel that your website is long overdue a redesign? If yes, you should stop what you are doing and contact JPS Media today. We know how to help a business succeed online and have been helping businesses like yours for well over a decade. We always put our clients at the heart of everything we do!

What Do We Mean By Website Design?

To put it simply, designing is a collection of ideas that have been arranged to create something that is aesthetically pleasing. Web design is no different, although a website should not just be aesthetically pleasing, it also needs to be easy to use and navigate around. The basic design of the website is created from the ideas collected from the client and arranged in a way that is then presented on web pages for the public to use on the Internet.

Designing a website uses the same basic principles as other design projects:

Colour of the website: You can design and build a website in any colour that you want. However, you need to ensure you choose a colour that makes sense to the products or services you are selling in South Yorkshire. You need to make sure the colours used do not cause the user visual stress. If your website causes the user stress, they will click off your website.

Layout is important: The overall layout of the website is just as important as the colour. It needs to be easy to navigate and easy to understand.

Graphics used on the website: You need to make sure that your graphics and logos are relevant to your business. If the graphics are unrelated, the user may become confused regarding what your South Yorkshire company are offering. The images used need to be placed appropriately and not too large. If the images are too large the website will become slow and sluggish. We will make sure your website is fast and responsive.

Content of the website: An important aspect of web design that you need to consider is the content of the website. It must be simple and to the point. It must not confuse the user. To ensure your website appears high on web search result pages, you need to target relevant keywords. JPS Media understand how keywords effect the success of your business online. 

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Why Should You Choose JPS Web Design To Help Your South Yorkshire Business?

JPS Media have worked with clients from all over the country, including clients based in South Yorkshire. We always ensure that we provide the best possible service. A service that they want to recommend to their friends and family. We ensure that the end result is the best we can do by testing and retesting our designs on all devices. This ensures that all the websites we build look good across all available devices.

If you are looking to work with a website design company that are experts in their field, a company that is straight talking and will always put your needs above their own, then you are looking for JPS Media. JPS Media always ensure that the website we build are specifically designed for the business we are working with. 

Why not take a moment to look at our portfolio before you contact us? Then contact us to start your journey towards online success!

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