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Website Design For Businesses In Shiptonthorpe

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Website Design In Shiptonthorpe

Are you based in Shiptonthorpe? Do you want to improve how your website works for your business? If yes, then you really need JPS Media! Here at JPS Media we pride ourselves on the work we have carried out for businesses up and down the country, including Shiptonthorpe over the past 10 years. If you want to have a look at our work you can on our portfolio page on our website. You will see that we build bespoke websites for our clients. Websites that benefit their business and websites that they are proud of. We can do the same for your Shiptonthorpe business.

Do You Know What Website Design Is?

The term website design is used to describe the action of designing and building a website for a person or a business. It includes the actions of planning the website, creating it and could also include the updating of the website. Website design is different to website development. As these two terms are sometimes confused, we thought it important to explain the differences. Website design is a subset of web development. Website development is the action of making the design work and be available on the Internet. Website design includes looking at the website usability, the layout and also the habits of the user. All of these actions allow the website designer to build a website that works for the business and is easy to use.

There Are Many Reasons Why Website Design Is Important To Your Shiptonthorpe Business

To allow you to see why web design is important to your business, we have chosen the top three reasons and listed them below:

  • Your Business Competitors: If you look at the websites of your competitors you will see that they have put a lot of work into their websites in order to attract their customers. You need to do the same. A poorly designed website will put your customers off you and your business. If this happens, then your potential customers will choose your competitors over you. You will lose business.
  • Usability And Navigation Of Your Website: When you are considering the design of your website, one of the most important things you need to ask yourself is; is it easy to use? Your customers do not want an overly complicated website. If it is complicated your customers will get confused and bored. They will not continue to look at your website. This could potentially lose you business.
  • Consistency Of The Design: The overall design of the website needs to flow through every page of the website. If each page of the website is different then there is no consistency. This means that the website will look disjointed. This could lead the customer to the conclusion that your Shiptonthorpe business is also disjointed. Your customers may lose trust in you and the services you provide.

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What Can JPS Media Do For Your Business?

JPS Media have over ten years experience designing and building websites. All of the websites we have built over the years are bespoke to the clients requirements. We listen carefully to what the client needs and offer help and advice when it is needed. We make sure that they are 100% happy during every step of the process and always keep them informed of any developments. This is to ensure that we provide the best service to our clients. We also ensure that an important part of building a website is to test and retest the design across all devices. More and more people are accessing websites via their mobile phone. This means that a website needs to look as good on a small screen as it does on a larger screen, We do not send over the final design to our clients until the website looks good on all screen sizes.

As we have already stated, every website we build is bespoke to the client. We understand that the same website design will work for every type of business. This is why we make sure we know exactly what our client wants before we start the design process. We are always striving to give the best possible service to our clients and will go over and above to ensure our clients are happy.

If you want to have a look at our previous work before you contact us, you can do so here!

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