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Are you based in Selby? Does your business have a website in need of a redesign? If yes, you really need to hire JPS Media as your design company. We have been helping businesses in Selby for over 10 years. We are proud of all of the websites we have already designed and we want to work with you. We always ensure that our clients are happy with our service and make sure that the website we build help their business succeed!

A Brief Description of What Web Design Is

In general designing can be described as the collection of ideas which are then arranged in a way that is guided by several procedures. Web design is no different. Ideas are collected from the client and are arranged to be presented on web pages which are then used by the public on the Internet.

Web design may use the same principles as other design projects. These principles include the following:

Colour of the website: You can build a website in any colour that you can think of. However, they need to make sense to the product or services provided by the business. They cannot cause stress to the user. If a website does cause visual stress, the user will more than likely click off your website and visit one of your competitors. Choosing the correct colour is extremely important when you are considering the design of the website.

Layout of the website: The design of the layout of your website is just as important as the colours you choose. If the layout is messy and confusing, your clients will not return to your website. They will not recommend your services to friends and relatives. This will possibly lose you business.

Graphics used: The graphics used need to be relevant to what the website is offering. Unrelated graphics will confuse the user and they may think they have clicked on the wrong website! The graphics also need to be placed appropriately over the website and must not distract the user too much from the content. The size of the graphics added must not be too large. If the graphics are too large, the website will become slow and sluggish.

Fonts: The fonts used on a website can effect the overall look of the website. Therefore, it is important to use the correct font. If the website is difficult to read because of the font, it will confuse the user and they will not continue to use the website. This, again, could lose you clients.

Content on the website: The content added needs to be considered when you design a website. It needs to be relevant and easy to understand. The user must be able to understand what you are offering at a glance. To be able increase the chance of your website appearing high on search results pages you will need to target keywords. JPS Media are experts in online marketing and can advise what keywords to use and how to rank for  these keywords on Google. This is a process called search engine optimisation and JPS Media offer this service. Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your search engine optimisation.

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What Makes Web Design Important To My Selby Business?

Web Design For Your Selby Company

JPS Media are proud to say that we work closely with our clients from all over the country, including Selby. We want to provide a service that our clients will recommend to other people. We test and retest all off our websites on all devices. This is to ensure that we are constantly abiding by website guidelines and protocols. Testing on all devices also allows our client’s websites to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We create an online presence for our clients, enabling them to succeed online.

If you need a company to work with that will put you and your business first, you need to work with us. We care about our clients and always ensure that we put them first. Every one of our websites that we have built over the years have been bespoke. We do not believe that one website design will suit every one of our clients needs. We, therefore, tailor our services to each client individually. We want to take the stress of website design away from you so you can focus on your business.

If you want to look at our previous work a portfolio is available here  To find out more about JPS Media and how we can help your business in Selby then contact us today.

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