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That’s Awesome, JPS Media is here to help you improve the traction and overall growth of your website. Based just outside of the York City Centre, we have helped York businesses for many years with their SEO, to develop and grow their business online.

Search Engine Optimisation Services In York

We will improve the overall visibility of your website and business in search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation in York

JPS Media have been serving companies in and around York since we first started. Being our home town its only natural that we want to serve our local region. Why not take a look at our portfolio for more examples of our previous work and clients to see who we work with. JPS Media is based on the outskirts of York, and support a lot of local businesses in York and its outer villages. We are here to help you grow your business. Our SEO campaigns are here to help you start growing your business and obtaining clients and users to your website. 

SEO isn’t the magic wizardry some may make you think, however it certainly needs to be done right and strategically. Let’s face it, you don’t just want to rank high in search for terms that no one will search for. Equally you don’t want to be ranking highly if no one can use your site, or finds it hard to navigate to contact you in the first place. JPS Media is a York SEO company, we do all SEO work in house (so there is no outsourcing, although many companies do outsource to us), and we will work directly with you to ensure the best outcome for your website. 

York SEO Campaigns

The term SEO is used to represent search engine optimisation. SEO work involves optimising your website to be relevant for specific target  keyword to ensure you get customers finding to your website. We do this by targeting relevant keywords to attract organic website traffic that converts to customers. Let’s face it, what good is your website if no body can find it. JPS Media are here to ensure your website appears infront of your target audience. We assist many businesses in York to generate more sales from their websites. Being based just outside of York, we obviously attract a lot of local businesses but we do also have clients from all over the world. So if you need SEO in York, contact JPS Media today.

Using SEO to make a difference in York

At JPS Media, we take pride in what we do, and we are good at it. We don’t think the standard SEO packages really work these days. They aren’t overly effective if other areas of your website aren’t working with your marketing. Therefore here at JPS Media, we won’t just provide you with basic SEO, we will audit your entire website and be sure that all traffic is also easily converting into sales. Adapting website structure, working on user engagement by utilising prominent call to actions, and easy to follow pages to ensure your website performs well. We want to make sure that your business in York is easily found online and that any user action is performed in a single click or attempt to contact you is achievable in prompt and user friendly manner. We won’t just get your website showing up on search engines, we want you to grow as a business and receive more customers.

We monitor your website to ensure your York based business isn’t just placed highly in the search engine rankings, but also ensure you are easily found and that the website is fully responsive across all platforms. Utilising the best SEO practices and strategies, we develop your websites relevance to search engines to ensure your website is deemed as relative to your target keywords and authoritative. 

We don’t just offer a complete online marketing strategy for your York based business, to help make your company grow online. Contact JPS Media today, to find out how we can help businesses in York.

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How Search Engine Optimisation Will Work…

Here at JPS Media, we take all the nightmares out of search engine optimisation. Most people don’t even know what it is, so the fact you have landed on this page show you know something many do not.  Here is how our SEO campaigns work. We will devise a strategy to stick to and then continue this work with that vision. This allows us to do your SEO work which is what we do best, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best, running your York based business.

Here is how our SEO campaigns work, and more reasons to chose JPS Media.

  1. Contact JPS Media for a free quote for our search engine optimisation services. We will outline our SEO strategies for your business. It all usually starts with an SEO audit of your current website to see where you are at the moment. This would be in-depth analysis, looking at what keywords you currently rank for, where you rank for these keywords and their relevance to your business.
  2. Ideas, plans and strategies are drafted, around keywords to target, content to be created and we send you a drafted plan to move forward with to be agreed with you.
  3. You send us any relevant information and feedback we require to complete our SEO work.
  4. We action the SEO work and optimise and develop your website and overall businesses online presence.
  5. Your website receives more traffic, improves in overall position on search engines, and receives more enquiries.

It is literally that simple. Obviously we are not Google so we can’t guarantee any number one spots. This isn’t how it works sadly, although we will do our utmost to achieve that. Anyone who guarantees it, is generally using black hat tactic that may work for short term gains, but can hurt you further in the long run. All SEO work we do is based on your business, and we discuss exactly what we will be doing with you, as each client is different with their overall needs and requirements.

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