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Responsive Web Design and Development

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive website design creates an optimal viewing experience across a wide variety of browsers and devices including smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops, making the site easy to read and navigate regardless of the screen size. Sites designed with RWD use fluid grids based on proportion, flexible imagery and CSS media queries which adapt the layout to best suit the viewing environment. Image and page element sizing is inputted in relative units such as percentages rather than in the more traditional pixel or points, displaying them in a way which adapts to the device or browser being used.

Getting Mobile

As mobile technology becomes more advanced and more affordable a greater proportion of people are turning to their smartphones and tablets as their primary source of internet access, therefore it makes sense as a business to have a website which can easily adapt to mobile browsing. 91% of the population of the planet today now own and use some form of mobile phone and 56% own a smartphone. Half of all mobile phone users say that their phone is their primary internet source. While approximately 87% of people are still wary of actually making purchases via their mobile due to perceived security issues, most will use tools such as local search to find businesses in their area when out and about. As security increases, consumer confidence in mobile internet shopping will increase.

Wider Audience Share

Successfully marketing and selling a product or service is often about getting the brand image and product name out to as wide an audience as possible. The evolution of consumer browsing trends is already showing signs of a shift towards mobile devices becoming the most popular way in which to access the internet. With so many people across the globe using mobile devices to get online, any business wishing to reach the widest audience possible must have an effective mobile presence. With JPS Media responsive website design, your website will reach the maximum number of people in the easiest possible way, with no need for separate sites for mobile.

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