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At JPS Media, it’s not just a logo, we help you create a brand. Your business should stand out, as should your logo. However if it looks great on paper, but terrible on your website, and social media profiles. Is your brand really that effective? This is where JPS Media are here to help and put your mind at ease.

Logo Design and Brand Development

Your Logo matters! As the forefront of your brand.

Brand Recognition

Creating an accurate brand image is an essential aspect of building up a successful business and a logo is often used as a defining source of identity for a company. Logos can be powerful and compelling communication tools, conveying the emotions, ideas and purposes of the product or brand they depict. A logo can be created as a stand-alone image or incorporate the business name as part of the design. A good logo is instantly identifiable, memorable and engaging, and the best are often the simplest. Logos need to be scalable and work in both colour and black and white in order to penetrate a wider market share.

Creating a Great Logo

The creation of a great logo takes into account both the vision of the business and research into the target market. A simple logo can communicate a message clearly and effectively and is easier to reproduce in different formats and on different substrates and media applications. As the heart of a company’s identity a logo needs to be strong, memorable and engaging. A logo should be instantly recognisable and be able to portray the message of the business and distinguish it from other companies in the same industry. The JPS design team have the creative expertise to help you establish a logo which will be instantly recognisable and easily remembered.

The Power of Symbolism

Symbols are powerful as they convey a message in one simple and immediate form in a way which words cannot. A logo does not need to describe what the business is selling, but invoke a feeling in the viewer which is appropriate to the product or products. Of the top selling fifty brands in the world, 94% use logos which do not describe what the company does, but which are instantly recognisable. Using appropriate fonts and colour schemes, positioning the logo effectively and ensuring it is simple, timeless and versatile will get the vision of the business across far more effectively than any description ever could.

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