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What Does Link Building Involve?

Link building refers to the process of creating inbound links to your website from other relevant sites in order to increase relevancy of your website and of course your chances of attaining a good ranking position on search pages. Search engines look at the quantity and relevance of links to your website and use this information when considering your ranking. This is a well known SEO strategy. Recent algorithm changes, especially at Google, have prioritised quality and relevance over quantity to prevent black hat SEO techniques from raising a website’s ranking. While every link to your website counts as a vote for it in effect, not all votes are counted as equal. A series of inbound links from sites or articles across the web which offer the reader information which is relevant to your business or product, including other companies’ websites, blog pages, social media sites, forums and directories, will all increase the chances of your website reaching the coveted page one in search results.

Quality over Quantity

In recent years search engines have become wise to the practice operated by many SEO specialists of simply inserting links wherever possible regardless of how relevant they are. New algorithm changes now reward relevant, high quality links over vast quantities of irrelevant ones. JPS Media are able to target sites which are of importance and relevance to your business in order to build up a series of inbound links which score high points with the crawlers. Usually organic or natural backlinks to your website are the best and most effective tactic. 

Analytics tools are used to determine the most relevant keywords for your business. These keywords can then be included not only on your own website but across the internet, linking back to your site from interesting, valuable articles, blogs and other forms of PR releases.

Citations and Directory Placements

We manage and ensure all your directory and business citations are relevant, accurate and up to date. Out of date information can cause issues with trust for your website and in turn provide a lower position on search engines. We also grow this again, its another form of backlink to your website, which drives traffic as well as improve search engine ranking.

Integrating Social Media

Social networking is now the most popular activity on the internet. 98% of 18-24 year olds already use some form of social media, and young people are not the only ones to jump on the bandwagon. The 55-64 age bracket is currently the fastest growing demographic on Twitter, and the 45-54 age bracket is the fastest growing on both Facebook and Google+. Any business looking to reach out to a wide target audience should be looking at increasing their presence across the most popular social media sites through creating profiles. This also provides further opportunity for link building through sharing, tweeting and adding backlinks to your own profile. Social links are high-value to search engines so long as they are relevant.

Creating Linkable Assets

JPS Media have been creating linkable assets for clients for many years. It’s a great strategy to organically grow and develop a websites backlink profile. A linkable asset can be anything from an online calculator, brochure or instructional guide. Things that don’t exist elsewhere that you can provide high value. People will then link to this in articles and relevant pieces or sharing the handy tool on social media to further extend your backlink profile. Contact us today to discover more link building strategies and how we can help you. 

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