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So What Is An E-commerce Website?

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce and involves the process of customers shopping online and their payment being processed online. These types of websites allow users to access your business from anywhere in the world. Customers search for items or services and add their selections to their online ‘cart.’ They will then enter their payment details securely into your website. Their transactions are then processed securely.

Due to the easy access to the internet,  just about any product or service can be bought online. More and more people are enjoying having the ability to buy things from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of their own home. Therefore, if you want to compete with other companies similar to your own, you need to ensure that you have an e-commerce website. An e-commerce website needs to be secure and easy to navigate around. This is where JPS Media can help you succeed online.

What Are The Advantages Of An E-commerce Website?

There are many advantages of having an e-commerce website for your Catterick based business and a few are listed below: 

Increase your market reach: Having an e-commerce website allows you to reach potential customers from around the world
Reduced costs to your business: The overall costs of owning a business is reduced. This is because you don’t have to pay for an actual physical building.
Secure transactions: Having a well designed e-commerce website will ensure any purchases made through the website will be safe and secure.
Anonymity for your customers: Some customers may not feel comfortable to go into a physical shop to buy certain items. E-commerce websites help make them feel more comfortable buying products.

These advantages are just a few that your Catterick based business will benefit from when you decide to have an e-commerce website built for your business. 

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Why Choose To Work With JPS Media?

JPS Media have well over a decade of building e-commerce websites for clients all over the country, including clients in Catterick. We always ensure that the e-commerce websites we build are safe and secure to use. We know all the website standards that we have to abide by to ensure a safe transaction between our clients and their customers. Therefore, when you choose to work with JPS Media, you are choosing a company that takes the building of e-commerce websites very seriously. JPS Media always outs our clients at the heart of everything we do, and we will do the same with your Catterick based business.

Take a look at our previous work in our portfolio and then contact us direct to start your journey towards a successful online presence.

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