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Logo and print design, marketing documentation and web design. Business Branding that matches perfectly together because everything is made the in house.  Establish a striking brand design.

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Build a web presence that you can improve on over time as your budget grows.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design refers to the visual communication of an idea, brand or product through the use of type, space and images. Using this combination of image, typography and the manipulation of the ‘white spaces’, graphic designers are able to convey a client’s message effectively to their target audience. Images can be compelling communication tools as they are able to convey not only information but also emotion. Typography in graphic design is just as much about how the words are formed and presented as what the words actually mean, combining imagery and content to arrest the attention of the viewer.

Into Design

At JPS Media we understand that every business and brand is unique, which is why we offer a bespoke graphic design service to effectively incorporate the brand image and business personality to the consumer. Our graphic designers work with your ideas to reflect the brand image clearly and concisely, from logo design and print-work right through to large scale corporate banners and graphics. Our bespoke service allows for the successful combining of existing logos and imagery with new and unique designs, all laid out in a way which is aesthetically pleasing and attention grabbing.

Creating a Unique Design Concept

Symbols and logos can be used effectively to convey a longer message, an emotion or a series of images and ideas in a condensed format which becomes instantly recognisable to the viewer. JPS graphic designers work together with the business in question to identify what particular ideas and emotions to get across to the viewer in order to best represent the products and services on offer. The construction and successful presentation of the message and brand are key elements in graphic design. Using market research, analytics tools and communication with the business itself, graphic designers are able to identify the nature of the audience demographic and create a design concept which incorporates this knowledge into the existing brand image.

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