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Saving Money without Compromising on Quality

JPS Media offers businesses the opportunity to create a professional, polished looking website without breaking the bank. Whether working from a template or creating a bespoke site, we are able to scale and adapt the design and development of the website in order to work within budget limitations, leaving plenty of scope for expansion in terms of size, function or services which can be added in at a later date when the budget allows. The budget service does not compromise on quality and the finished product will have the same visual attraction and functionality as any other. By working closely with each business our developers are able to put together a package which provides everything you want and nothing you don’t need, ending with a well-designed and highly usable site which provides clear and concise information to your customers within the budget set.

Starting with the Basics

Having a presence on the internet is a vital aspect of running a successful business in the modern age. Once a presence has been established businesses can begin driving traffic to their website, which in turn increases visibility even further and creates more scope for profitability. JPS Media offers basic website packages to suit your budget. If you are really struggling we could create a single page site that is completely scalable, meaning further pages and applications can be added once the business begins to take off and the advertising budget can be expanded. The custom-designed basic website package includes space for content, a logo for branding, business contact information and submission to the top search engines to begin making your presence known.

Scope for Growth

A JPS Media custom-developed website is designed to grow alongside your business. While the more basic packages provide everything you need to start getting your brand out into the public consciousness, there is always room for growth and improvement. Most companies offering budget website development are in reality only providing a template. JPS Media custom-design and develop each website no matter what the budget, leaving every option for change and growth open to the business, individual or organisation running the website in the future. Budget website development is the ideal choice for new start-ups or smaller businesses wishing to make inroads into the internet market share.

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