KP Cattery

KP Cattery came to JPS Media because they wanted a brochure website that would showcase their cattery, which is based in Pocklington. They wanted the website to show the accommodation available at KP Cattery. They also wanted their prices and services readily available on the website. So, we ensured that we built a page that specifically listed the costs of accommodation, along with what was available to the customers. 

We understood that the quality of the accommodation available at KP Cattery would be what attracted new, and return customers. We ensured that we included a number of pictures of the cattery on the website.  This ensured that we displayed the accommodation in a beautiful, yet simple manner. 

About KP Cattery

KP Cattery is owned by Claire and is located in Kilnwick Percy, in Pocklington. Claire is fully qualified, with a Ofqual level 3. She is fully licensed and insured to look after people’s pet cats. She is an animal lover and fully understands that pet owners want their pets to be left in a comfortable environment when they are away. This is why Claire and her team are committed to create a comfortable and caring environment for the cats that are in their care. Those that work at KP Cattery are animal lovers and will ensure that all the cats that are in their care are well looked after and cared for.

Working With KP Cattery

KP Cattery is an amazing place to house your cat when you need to be away from home. They ensure that the accommodation available at KP Cattery is extremely comfortable for the cats that stay at KP Cattery. The people who work at the cattery love animals and this ensures that the cats in their car are extremely well looked after and cared for. KP Cattery wanted this to show through the website that we built for them. They wanted the potential customers to click on the website and know that their cats will be in safe hands when they are left at KP Cattery. This was achieved by including beautiful photos of the cattery.

We also set up a Google My business profile for KP Cattery and helped them to gain enquiries from the local area.

Still Not Sure?

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