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SEO is all about making sure you’re website is abiding by the standards defined by the search engine algorithms. Maintaining a good website structure and content marketing plan. Combined with a strong link building campaign and fierce social presence. You can dominate the market and ensure any potential customers find your York based business before your competitors. 

While SEO isn’t always the fastest approach to marketing as it can take time to fully yield the benefits. It is, however, absolutely essential to any business that sells their products and or services online.

Whats more, we have been helping businesses succeed online for over 15 years now and so our knowledge and vast amounts of experience with online marketing are here to propel your website into a customer churning machine. 

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So You Probably Searched for York SEO or SEO in York to get here?

Well this is exactly what SEO is, I created this page to target people just like you who are businesses in York looking for someone in that does SEO in York. All so that you can hire me to do SEO for your business in York. It makes us the perfect match right?

When done correctly, SEO can be much more cost effective than pay per click advertising, where you are often paying for bots or people just browsing. With SEO you pay once and retain that work and effort with your website ranking. So if your York business doesn’t need to rank for overly competitive keywords then this can make a huge difference for your marketing budget. 

So now you know what SEO is and why it is important for your York based business. What now I hear you cry? Well you can simply contact us using the form above or our contact number below and we can discuss your SEO consultant requirements and begin the process.

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How Will My SEO Campaign Work?

Everything is charged by the hour allowing us to be totally affordable and completely up front. You can have as many or as few hours of SEO work per month as your budget suits. Or we can do a one time overhaul of the technical aspects to ensure your website is fit and up to standard.

The first aspect of SEO is usually setting up your accounts and making sure everything is in order, Google profiles, Citations, and general Local tactics are checked. A content and backlink audit will be an essential aspect to help us create a strategy for you moving forward to ensure everything we do is in tie with your brand and marketing.

Once the SEO research and initial issues are resolved. A complete technical SEO audit is performed to ensure the website isn’t flagging any major issues. This also ensures the SEO content work that is then done later isn’t hindered by any technical issues with the websites crawlability and or structure.

Here on in, we would carefully pursue the agreed keywords to ensure a good ranking for these and to start driving that all important traffic to your website. This would be mostly through content creation, and organic link building and press releases. All backlinks are always gained organically and we don’t do any black or grey hat SEO tactics on our clients websites unless it is specifically asked for.

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