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Silicone Doll Heaven contacted JPS Media to discuss how we could help extend their business from the eBay market to general online sales. They wanted to reach a wider audience and expand their business. JPS Media have been working with businesses up and down the country for over 10 years. We understand what makes a business succeed online. Therefore, we were able to adapt the knowledge we have built up over the years to help Silicone Doll Heaven reach their full potential.

We discussed the different types of websites available to the client and advised them that the most appropriate type of website for their business would be an eCommerce website. An eCommerce website allows the user to browse the products available, add them to their cart and purchase the products directly from the website. This type of website is a secure way of purchasing products online, without the worry of having to leave the house to make their purchases. We ensured that the eCommerce website that we built for Silicone Doll Heaven was easy to use and navigate around. If it was too complicated, the user would click away from this website and onto a competitor of Silicone Doll Heaven. JPS Web Design also ensured that the website was secure. This means that the user’s personal details will be safe and secure when entered onto the website. This is extremely important when building an eCommerce website.

JPS Media always work closely with our clients during every step of the design and development process, and Silicone Doll Heaven was no exception to this. We want to make sure that the client is always happy with the work that we produce. Thus, meaning that both JPS Media and the client are proud of the website we build.

In order to build a successful website, the design needs to, not only be easy to use but also needs to be aesthetically pleasing. JPS Media used the knowledge we have built up over the years in order to design a beautiful website that was easy to navigate around. As with all adult website design, we understood that we needed to design a tasteful website that showcases the products available. We ensured that this was at the forefront of our minds when designing this website. We feel that the website was tastefully designed and will help Silicone Doll Heaven succeed online. JPS Media enjoyed working on this website and feel that we produced a website that we can be proud of.

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