Website Development With Magento 2

This week we have been migrating a magneto 1.9.2 build to Magento 2 for one of our clients, and thought we would document the development process to help others.

Firstly this is not an out of the box update. We have had many questions about why they can’t merely do this through the Magento interface. Simply put, the infrastructure, filesystem and and database is completely different so this isn’t an update it’s a migration or basically a complete new build.

So is all this extra work really necessary? Well yes, Magento 2 doesn’t only bring with it some great new features, but also some much needed security improvements. Most modern payment merchants require your website to be PCI compliant and Magento 2 brings this much needed requirement with their new software straight out of the box.

The whole interface is much faster and as we all know in todays impatient world, speed is a very important factor in e-commerce website development. Most importantly this speed also applies to the admin interface, which anyone with 20k products or more can appreciate was a nightmare on pre Magento 2 builds.

So our first impression so far is fantastic, Magento 2 brings with it a much needed update for Magento as a ecommerce software and finally brings Magento into the modern era. We look forward to see what else comes with the future updates on this package.

Over the next few days we will be posting our findings and any development issues we find, with solutions to how we worked around them to hopefully help others with similar issues.

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