Website development and web design what’s the difference?

Every day we often get asked, “what’s the difference between website design and website development or is it basically the same thing?” Well in short no they are not the same, they are infact very different.

Website design focuses on the look, feel and interaction of the website. How it effects the user and user interface design. Website design is about using colours and impart effictively to communicate a message. That message can be simply buy our product or service or it can often be much a much more complicated or ethical message. 

Where as website development is about the functionality, the inner workings and how the site performs. Web development covers much more bespoke requests such as how can the website make your business day to day tasks easier. Can we take something mundane automated to save you vital time and in some cases paid hours so that you and your staff can focus on more important matters.

If you’re still not sure which service you require get in touch today and tell us your business requirements.

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