Trends in Website Design for 2018

It is always important to update the design of your website if you want people to retain your visitors. The moment that people start to feel that your website is outdated, they will start to look somewhere else. If you are planning to make some changes with your website this coming 2018, find the best website designer that will help you in creating the website that will still fit your vision but will be appealing to casual readers and possible customers.

2018 is expected to come with a huge bang because of the various changes that occurring in modern technology and the web. with these new technologies you are expected to make your website look modern and reactive to these new devices. There is nothing worse than having great content but a terrible website design that doesn’t function on mobile correctly or that are very slow to load. There are many new advances coming for example you can now use voice user interfaces and this is something that some of your users may appreciate if you integrate these changes into your website.

These are just some of the trends you should expect from your website to look amazing and current this 2018:

  1. Clean Layouts There was a time where websites are expected to place as many pictures as they can in order to entice people to purchase their products and check out their services but since most people check out websites through their mobile devices, clean layouts are going to be more popular. The layout will make websites load better and faster. This can make people stay longer on certain websites.
  2. A Smarter Website Websites will start using the Internet of Things technology which means that the website will be smarter. It will allow people to interact with various elements and devices. This may be hard to do if you own a website but as long as you would hire the right web designer or web developer, this can be accomplished easily. Check if the web designer you want to hire is knowledgeable about the IoT to be sure.
  3. Geometric Shapes This trend started out in the year 2016 but became more popular in the year 2017. Expect that its popularity is going to surge for the coming year. The pictures may be lined with geometric shapes that can make them more appealing to people who will visit your website. Geometric shapes should be integrated properly by the web designer otherwise, your website design is going to fail.
  4. Typography The website itself is going to look simple and clean but it cannot look boring. This is why the design will be integrated through typography. The text will still be simple enough to convey the right message but they will stand out and they will be noticed immediately by people who will visit your website. Expressive typography is ideal because it is not going to make your website lag especially when it is being opened through a mobile device.
  5. Website Performance While this is not exactly a web design trend, this is one of the key factors that will effect people when they visit your website for the first time. They are always searching for websites that have a fast response time. If your website fails to perform within the performance they would expect from your company, it will not work at all. In the modern age websites should load almost instantly unless there is something heavy eg a video in which case a minor delay would be expected. This is all about focusing around usability.
  6. Videos More and more people are enjoying watching videos, especially on the websites that they like but videos can sometimes cause the website to encounter loading issues especially when the video is in high definition and the file sizes are high. You can choose to place short video clips instead. This will allow your website visitors to see some snippets of the items that you are selling. Take note that hiring the right website design and development team will make a huge difference on how well videos can be integrated into your page. The designers should position them in the right places so people will notice what you are trying to promote.
  7. Iconic illustrations and Info-graphics Gone are the days when you can use an image that you find online in order to promote and sell your own products and services online. Instead of visual images, you can use iconic illustrations that people can associate with your website alone. Or create highly useful and informative info-graphics. This is not overly commonly used yet but it will become more popular in 2018 with Google’s ability to now read text in images info-graphics will become a very useful technique for providing quality content on your website.
  8. Responsive Design The design elements that you have placed on your website should not merely be static web pages anymore. They should have the ability to react to what ever device the user is using to offer the best possible experience. This has already been around for some time now however in 2018 this will likely adapt further and become much more prominent. Your web designer can help you create a website that comes with a fabulous layout that you can easily use. The website will adjust itself depending on the device that is being used to view it on. For example, it will look different when viewed on the laptop as compared to being viewed on a mobile device.
  9. Strong colours For the past years, websites have used colours that are considered to be web-safe and clean but because people are becoming more attracted to colours, and with screens becoming higher resolution you can now use bolder colours on your website. You can choose colours that define your brand but make sure that the colours that you choose will still be connected to your company. For example, if your brand uses royal blue and gold, stick with those colours because people will remember you more when you are consistent with your branding.
  10. Micro – Interactions It is not enough that people will be posting their reactions depending on what they want to share. There should be other things that people can do to showcase how they are feeling. This means that you can use more animations, buttons and other design elements that will allow people to interact effectively. The more options that you give, the more that people will keep coming back. Remember that micro-interactions should also allow visitors to your website to navigate around the website in an easier manner. There are so many website design trends that are expected to come out in 2018 but it is never too early to begin. With Google’s ever changing algorithm the best practice is always going to be to put the user first.

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