Tips and advice on how to Make your Computer or Laptop run Quieter

Computers are known to get loud sometimes. This happens to a lot of computer users and it can get distracting. It may be hard to concentrate when your computer keeps roaring like an aircraft on takeoff. This is where finding a solution would help a lot. The problem when a computer gets too loud is usually with the cooling. However, it’s important to first find out exactly what the problem is. You can’t find a solution if you are not sure what the problem really is. Your main need is to listen to where the most noise is coming from to help, but below are some common areas that can become noisy.

The fans

One of the problems with fans is they create air disturbance which in turn creates noise. This would cause all that roaring that you hear. Some PC\’s are fitted with too many fans, your best bet for this one is to find out the average number of fans your machine needs to function. Then you can get rid of any added baggage. You have to know which ones to remove and which ones will stay. Also if they are cheap units, they will be noisier, if you check the make or brand of your fan and you can see the estimated decibel or dB output from the fan. Better quality more expensive fans tend to run much quieter. Another solution which we recommend is using rubber mounting clips instead of screws to secure your fans to your machine. These can absorb the fans vibrations thus reducing the sound of the fan in motion. JPS IT York Ltd can\’t recommend these rubber mounts enough they can really reduce fan noise.

Another thing could be that the fans are too worn out for old age. This happens every now and then. In such an instance, you would need to replace the fans. The replacement fans will of course have to be compatible with your machine. You can talk to us for advice on what fans would be most suited. If you have the skills to do it yourself, then that’s even better. The fans are not expensive and will not set you that far back. However you should be careful not to buy poor quality fans because then they might not last as long, could be noisy as mentioned above and you would be right back to the same problem. You can also get fans that have an adjustable speed option. This allows you to modulate the speed of the fans, hence keeping the noise to a minimum. although these are only suitable in certain situations. It is always recommended to run your fans from your motherboard’s fan output sockets to get the speed required by your system.


Dust is a huge cause for issues in computer systems. Dust gets in the way and clogs things up making excess noise. The fans could be coated and even have clumps that it’s vibrating against creating excess noise. There are some computer users that use their machines for years without even thinking about cleaning them. This will affect the quality and performance of the machine. Too many dust particles clogged in the system not only interfere with moving parts but also causes units to become hotter under use, which in turn will make the fans have to run faster to keep your system cool. This can be fixed by cleaning them. This of course has to be done the right way. Compressed air is usually used to do this. When spraying the compressed air one should be careful not to mess with the other parts of the machine. Alternatively, if you are not sure about the steadiness of your hands, get someone to help you.

Sound proof cases

Another option that a computer user can look at is buying a soundproof case. This would help. The best thing is that it’s not hard to find good soundproof cases. You just have to know which the best ones are. Whether it’s for a PC or a laptop, you can get the right case. Laptops especially benefit a lot from these cases because you can’t change the fans. There is also something known as a fan dampening kit. This can help with the padding on the fans and keep them cleaner. You can find out more if they are a viable option. It’s up to you as the computer user to decide which solution best works for you.

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