How website design can impact users.

Website design isn’t just about making your brand or business look good online, it’s also about how it impacts users / customers into making that all important decision… “Should I buy this product or service. 

You should always think about how you can use the websites design I interact emotionally with customers to convert hits into sales. However that’s always easier said than done. To do this you need to use effective colours, motion and impacting imagery to provide effective call to actions.

So what is a call to action I hear you say? Well quite simply put, it’s what drives your users / customers to contact you or call you from your website. The call to action should not only sum up why they should contact you but also make life easy for the user to do so. You can do this using simple forms to allow the user to email you directly from the page, or it can even be as simple as adding a bold contact number that stands out and attracts the users attention.

All websites provided by JPS Media utilise his essential marketing strategy in the most effective way possible. If you would like help converting your website into a marketing conversion machine then contact us today for more information about how we can help.

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