How to Make Your Computer Run Faster

A slow computer is something that sometimes one has to deal with. It can get very frustrating. There is nothing as annoying as trying to get a file open and it takes almost a whole minute. There are many reasons why a computer may be running slower than normal. The user has to find what this is to correct the error. Here are a few ways that one can try out to make their computer run faster.


One of the reasons why a computer may be running slow may be because of the programs installed. There are some computer users that have too many programs on their machines. There are programs that can slow down a computer. This may be for a variety of reasons. There are some programs that start running as soon as the computer is on. It also could be because there are some programs that have processes going while the machine is running. This will definitely interrupt with the speed of the computer. The solution to this is removing the programs that are not necessary to the daily functions. The user of course, knows what programs they use most. All one has to do is go to the ‘Control Panel’ sections and go to ‘Remove Programs’. There will be a list of all the programs that have been installed. There are also details on how frequently programs are used. The user can look at the least functions and get rid of them. If the user is not quite sure what some of the programs are or what they do, it’s best to leave them alone.

Disk space

The disk space is another reason why a computer may be running slower. This is actually one of the most common problems with slow computers. The storage on the hard drive may become full and this will slow down the performance of any machine. This is why getting enough space is recommended. A user can delete the files that are not in use. There are temporary files that are stored in the hard drive. These can be deleted. Emptying the recycle bin would also help. There is also the option of upgrading the hard drive. The functions that a computer is required to perform will determine what kind of hard drive storage to get. There are some users that may have too much to do but not enough space. This is one instance where a new hard drive would be more advantageous. Installation of the hard drive is pretty simple.

Disk defragmentation

This is also another way to keep the computer running at a faster pace. Defragmenting the hard disc will give the computer options for storing all the data it receives. Defragmentation is a good way of making the computer more efficient.

Anti virus

Viruses and malware are a big threat to the performance of any computing machine. This is why installing an antivirus software is always advisable. This will facilitate the scanning of files and programs and will prevent risks that may be posed by new installations.

Network Speed

Getting a fast ISP for the computer would also help with the speed. With this option you wouldnt be struggling with the lag time of any network connections.

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