Google Expanded Text Ads Are Here

So its finally here, yesterday google announced they have finally launched expanded text ads or (ETAs). Which is great news! If you have ever managed a Adwords campaign. Or attempted to do it yourself, you will know how frustrating it is to ensure your text matches Googles limits but while utilising the as many characters as possible. Well those days may well be behind us, and we here at JPS Web Design couldn’t be happier!. Google have stated that from as of October 2016, standard text based adverts will begin to be faded out with new standard text ads no longer available to be created. However there is no clear date as to when the service will cease to exist altogether.

So what is an ETA you are asking and what makes them so much easier and better for SEO’s? Well firstly the ETAs will include two headlines, each headline will contain up to 30 characters and the description text will allow for 80 characters. The key aim for this is to give users more information about what they are clicking. Which should help get more relevant clicks and dramatically improve CTR’s for companies who use the new ETA’s effectively. So what are you waiting for, login and give them a try today in your Adwords account, remember you can always use the preview option to see what your new Adwords ad will actually look like.

Let us know what you think and how you plan to use ETA’s effectively. As always we love to hear from people in the comments.

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