The Importance of Email Marketing to Making Money Online

Email Marketing for your Business

Marketing online is totally crucial to any single business. When it comes to email marketing, it does not matter what you sell whether it is services or products, email marketing is a very cheap and effective way to market your business. Like with the marketing trends of yesteryear, there are a number of ways that you can use email marketing to advertise and promote to your customer base, no matter where they are. Below, you will find recommendations to help you give the best email marketing campaign and why it is very important to the long life of your business.

What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is a coverlet term for electronic mail marketing plans, business owners can utilise these emails to effectively reach their potential customers at any given time. Examples of the best email marketing methods are e-newsletters, weekly offers, and promotional emails. Reaching customers through email, as long as you can get them to open the mail, is one of the most effective means of getting them to purchase or even listen to your business pitch. Many customers will have time to check their email more regularly than they check open and read snail mail or make a phone call, especially with modern technology, the day of having to access a computer to check your emails is long gone. This is why it is absolutely vital to use email marketing. People today have their emails on their phones and tablets and will read at their leisure. This means you can effectively use that opportunity to try to sell them your services or products.

How to use Email Marketing Effectively

As with anything, there is both a wrong way and a right way to do email marketing. At JPS IT York we adhere to strict rules to ensure your email is effective and sells, but is also legal and not just spam. Nobody wants spam email, and it also tarnishes your business name. There are ways to use these email plans that really make people want to open their email or just delete it even before they open it. If you really want to get your success within the email campaigns, you need to start doing your best to reach your customers on a one to one personal basis instead of mass mailing. Certainly, it could be a bulk mailer that you send to different people, but you do not want the customers to get a feel of this approach. So, do not use any method that looks irrelevant or looks like spam. Instead, develop a personal approach such as asking them to give their inclusion in email, offer different promotions or e-newsletters, or offer information that is relevant to them. Us of a newsletter with a subscription service helps ensure the people you are emailing want to receive your emails. This will assure much more enhanced results and help to ensure people actually open the email rather than just mark it as junk or trash.

Design Matters

In the modern world, the day of plain text emails is long gone. These look amateur and are not going to reach out to your customers. If you look at any of the big internet giants, e.g. google, eBay, Amazon, when these companies send you marketing emails are they plain text? No, so neither should yours. All emails we create for our clients are responsive HTML email templates that not only work and read well across all devices but also use effective imagery to impact a statement and help attract customers to reading your email.

Use of Effective Subject Lines

The most important aspect of any email campaign is not necessarily the message. Of course, your message should be clean effective and explain your services. But what good is that if your emails are never opened. The first thing your potential customers will see is the subject line of the email. This is where all users decide whether to read the email or to just delete it. So with this in mind, you need an attractive, personal, and meaningful subject line to help intrigue your customer to want to open and read your email.

And lastly but most importantly….


The approach to email marketing as well as list building is to get the customers to provide you with their email address via your website or direct communication. The best method to do this is to offer something of good value to them when they choose to do so, it can be a free report or just a short course on the topic they are really interested in. When you get their email address, this is the time when the target email marketing service can get into play.

So to summarise, email marketing is one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools available today. If you are not using this then you really should be! If you would like to know more regarding our email marketing campaigns then contact us today!

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