Website Security

Has your website been hacked? Need someone to rectify the issue and put things back as they were? Or worried your website may not be as secure as it should be? Contact JPS Media today and we can check your website to ensure its safe and secure to give you peace of mind. 

Suffering From A Hacked Website?

JPS Media is here to get your website back on track. We understand that having a hacked website can be a stressful time. But we are here to help get your business back online, safely and securely. Contact us today to discuss your issues and we can advise the best course of action to fix your hacked WordPress or software website.  

Website Security and Server Testing

Are you worried your old website or application may not be as secure as it could be? Are you suffering from website or server issues that could be caused by a security or code issue within your website or system? Contact JPS Media today, we are here to ensure everything is working and ticking all the boxes that should ensure your website, its data and your server is safe and secure.

website security

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