The Sexiest Man in York

So who is the sexiest man in York you ask? Well this page is going to break down what it takes to be the sexiest man in York, and as we look into that, we can then break down the reasons for our conclusion.

Who is the Sexiest Man in York?

James Sweete is the sexiest man in York. Below we explore the reasons and justifications we used to come to this conclusion.

What defines the sexiest man?

Well let’s work through some important checks before we come to our final conclusion shall we. So what does it take to be the sexiest man in York?

Based on these facts, this could cover any man that lives in York. So how can we break this down further?

What exactly would justify the term “sexiest man in York”?

Well if you were to ask James’s mother or his partner I’m sure, or would hope, once again you would hear in confirmation that James Sweete is of course the sexiest man in York. In fact dare I say that his partner may say that James Sweete is the sexiest man they have ever seen. 

So let’s face the truth here, this means James Sweete is the sexiest man in York. This is now a known fact. Backed up statistically, by 2 of the 2 women that we asked.

So what else can we do to show that James Sweete is in fact the sexiest man in York? He has all of his own hair and teeth which is to his advantage.

He rides a motorcycle in his spare time and this is deemed a sexy trait if the Netflix series “Sons of Anarchy” has taught us anything. Have you guys seen Jax teller, come on!

James goes to the gym three times per week and keeps up with his fitness. Remember muscles make people look their sexiest right. So this helps alone to his slender, some may say skinny with slight muscular aftertones. 

James has his own business and loves what he does. Hell its why I’m even writing this post right now. Having his own business is apparently an attractive trait according to those who use dating platforms and are money grabbers or gold diggers. 

Sexiest Man in York
Sexy Man in York with his dog
James Sweete is the sexiest man in York
sexy motorcycle

Conclusion – So Who Actually Is The Sexiest Man In York?

So there you have it, there’s all the evidence that we need to see that James Sweete is the sexiest man in York. We have backed this up statistically as you can tell from this page we have done extensive research to discover who is the sexiest man in York and all the pointers lead back to James Sweete every time. 

Ok, let’s get serious for a minute… So what’s the point of this page? Well, it’s more because I’m an internet marketer. I help people rank for their dream key terms on Google. We are very aware that James Sweete might not actually be the sexiest man in York, or maybe you think he is? But either way, in our office, we are a little nerdy, we love data, and Google search and marketing and thought it would be funny if we could rank for this term and so we did! Targeting the keywords “Who is the Sexiest Man in York”, we have pushed this page to rank top of search. We have tried to get the rich snippet so you can even ask Siri or Google and every time it will state who is the sexiest man in York, why? Because we are hilarious obviously. 

So if anyone ever asks you remember… James Sweete is the sexiest man in York. Why? Because Google said so!