Your Business Trainer

Your Business Trainer allows the user to contact them in order to book an online consultation to learn how to run a business. They offer advice to their clients which will help the client be successful in their own business. By offering this advice online, Your Business Trainer, will save their clients time and money. They can get the invaluable advice straight from their own home or office!

In order to ensure that Your Business Trainer succeeded online, they needed us to build them a website that would appear on people’s social media pages. This type of website is known as a lead page, and means that the user would click the link on their social media page, and that link would lead to this website. The user would then book a time and date that is convenient to them and this would appear in Your Business Trainer’s calendar. This type of website saves the time and money of the user and the company the website was built for. 

JPS Media designed and developed this website in a way that worked for both Your Business Trainer, and the clients using it. We kept in simple, yet beautiful. The pages are clearly labelled and the bright green allows the website to stand out from the rest!


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