West Wolds Radio

West Wolds Radio

West Wolds Radio is a radio broadcasting company based in Pocklington, near York. They broadcast a wide range of music, appealing to a broad range of people from a broad range of backgrounds.

They approached JPS Media to request that we build them an affordable website that they could broadcast their radio station. They required a basic, affordable, yet attractive website. We met with West Wolds Radio and discussed in depth what they required from their website. We feel that we provided West Wolds Radio with a website that matched their requirements perfectly. The website is bright and attractive and is easy to navigate around.It provides it’s users with a place where they can listen to their music in one place. The website also allows the user to re-listen to music and broadcasts. The website also included up to date information of events and activities occurring in the local area. This means that the website was also a source of information, as well as somewhere to go and listen to broadcasts.


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