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The Grange Holidays needed a website building where they could showcase their holiday cottages and to show the clients where they could visit whilst using the holiday cottages. They needed a website that would appeal to the user and advertise their holiday lets. We discussed the different options with The Grange Holidays and gathered full details of what they required from their new website. We came to the conclusion that the best type of website for The Grange Holidays would be a brochure website. A brochure website would allow them to showcase the cottages easily and in an attractive way. This type of website allows you to organise the information in to a beautiful and easy to use website. The information can be laid out in any way that you want and you can add as much information as you need. Thus, making this type of website perfect for The Grange Holidays.

About The Grange Holidays

The Grange Holidays have a farmhouse and cottages to let. They pride themselves on the fact that many of their previous guests state that staying with them brought a smile to their faces. This is exactly what The Grange Holidays want to achieve. They want to provide they guests with somewhere beautiful and peaceful to visit. They are open all year round and always go that extra mile in order to make their guests feel welcome. They cater for both small and large parties and are based in walking distance from Flamborough and their guests are able to take day trips to places such as Bempton This makes The Grange Holidays the perfect cottage letting company to book a holiday with.

Working With The Grange Holidays

In order to attract users to they holiday letting company, we decided that the best type of website for The Grange Holidays would be a brochure website. A brochure website is basically a digital version of a printed brochure. It allows the user to view services or products online, however, they cannot buy these products or services directly from the website. They need to contact the company in order to book the services provided.

In order to encourage the user to contact the company to book the services provided, the brochure website needs to be visually engaging. It needs to grab the users attention so that they continue to look through the website. This is achieved by using engaging words and attractive images. This is why we used images of the farmhouse and cottages available at The Grange Holidays throughout the website. These images would advertise the beautiful accommodation available and encourage the user to contact The Grange Holidays. We displayed these images with informative and engaging words, and also ensured that the user could look at all of the different accommodation available. This would enable the user to make an informed decision as to which cottage to choose from. We displayed these cottages on separate pages on the website and made it easy for the user to find these pages on the website. The Grange Holidays also stated that they wanted to advertise the beautiful surroundings of the cottages, and also some of the places that the user could visit if they decided to use The Grange Holidays. We, therefore, built a separate page in order to display this information.

We feel that we met every requirement requested by the Grange Holidays. We have built a beautiful and simple to use website that included all the information regarding all of the cottages and the farmhouse available through The Grange Holidays.


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