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Sue Evans is a writer based in York and she wanted a simple, yet effective way to share the things she writes with the public. We, therefore, discussed the most effective way to make Sue Evans Books effective online. We decided to build Sue Evans an author website. This means that the website needed to clearly show the work Sue Evans. It needed to be displayed in an attractive, yet simple way.  JPS Media are proud to say that we built a website that was easy to understand and navigate around. This would encourage the user to stay on the website and read the work of Sue Evans. If you have a overly complicated website, the user will not enjoy the experience of using your website and will click away from it.

In order to truly promote the work of Sue Evans, we felt it was extremely important that we included the locations where Sue’s books are currently being sold. We felt this was an extremely important page on the website. This is because it allowed the user to buy Sue’s books in person. 




About Sue Evans

Sue Evans was born in Wrexham, Wales, close to the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia. However, Sue has lived and worked in York for many years. She developed a passion for books and reading at an early age. Therefore, it is not surprising that years later that she developed a growing passion for writing.

Working With Sue Evans

The main aim of building a website for Sue Evans was to enable Sue to showcase her work online. We kept this in mind when we began to design the website. We made sure that the website was easy to use and navigate around. Thus, making it easier for the user to get a feel for Sue’s work. We ensured that the author website we built for Sue showcased her excellent writing.

One of the most important features of the website is showing the user where they can purchase one of Sue Evan’s books. This was an extremely important aspect of the website. The user needed to know how they could purchase a physical copy of the works of Sue Evans.

By having a well-designed website, Sue Evans was able to increase the audience of her work. This meant that she was not only successful in book shops, but she was successful online. The website we built for Sue showcased her work and also ensured that the user knew her story

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