String Section

String Section

String Section offers the services of professional string players to work on album projects, film scores, advertisements or for incidental music for radio and television. You can hire everything from a solo violinist to a 40 piece string orchestra!! They offer services such as notation and orchestration to arranging and composition.

String Section asked us to build them a website that would showcase the services that they provide. They wanted this information set out in an easy to use way. They wanted the user to know exactly what they had to offer at a simple glance of the website. This is why we kept the design simple, and ensured we included in-depth content, teamed with relevant images and videos. The videos were an excellent way to allow the user to sample the type of work provided by our client. This is why we built a page dedicated to the sounds of the String Section. A page like this also builds trust with the user because they hear previous work, which shows the String Section as a legitimate group.

String Section also wanted to add a personal touch to the website. They wanted the user to know who they would be hiring when they hired them. JPS Media decided to display this information on its own page. This meant all of the details of each of the main members of the group can be easily navigated to from the home page, allowing the user to decide who to hire.



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