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St Vincent Arms contacted JPS Media so that we could design and build them a website that would showcase their pub. The aim of the website was to attract new customers, and courage return custom. We wanted to build a website that would show how warm and welcoming the pub is. We feel that we achieved this perfectly by using warm browns. We included pictures of the inside of the pub, and also images of a few of the ales sold at St Vincent Arms. Here at JPS Media, we feel that using images in a website is an excellent way to engage the user. It is a quick and effective way to showcase the services of the business you are building the website for. This website perfectly showcases the services of St Vincent Arms. 

About St Vincent Arms

St Vincent Arms have been serving its customers since 1990. Since that time, they have built up an outstanding reputation of serving good food and offering a wide range of hand pulled bitters. They are proud to say that 3 generations of the Hopwood family will offer you a warm, friendly welcome. Couple this with their excellent service, you will be guaranteed to have an experience that you will treasure forever when you visit Vincent Arms.

So no matter what you are visiting St Vincent Arms for, be it for a light bite and a pint, or to celebrate a special occasion in their restaurant, you will be offered the warmest of welcomes. In fact, you will probably want to visit again and again!

Working With St Vincent Arms

St Vincent Arms originally approached JPS Media because they wanted to breathe a breath of fresh air into their current website. They wanted a website that would not only look good, but would be able to advertise the services that they offer. They wanted a website that would encourage people to visit their pub. It needed to truly sell the pub to the public and to encourage previous customers to visit again. JPS Media discussed exactly what St Vincent Arms required from their website and began building a website that both JPS Media and St Vincent Arms could be proud of!

To be able to make a website that would make St Vincent Arms successful online, we had to design a website that was user-friendly. If a website is too difficult to use, the user is more likely to click away from the website onto a competitors site. We did this by working closely with St Vincent Arms to ensure that we fully understood what they required from their website. They wanted a website that was easy to understand and navigate around. Everything that the user needs to know about St Vincent Arms is available at a click of a button.

We ensured that the menus were easily available and easy to understand. The menus were designed so that the user could see what was available at St Vincent Arms clearly. Therefore, ensuring that they could make the decision of what they wanted to eat and drink before they had even stepped a foot inside St Vincent Arms. By making this decision easier for the user, the number of people choosing to visit St Vincent Arms will increase, thus making St Vincent Arms successful online.

JPS Media have helped many businesses like St Vincent Arms build a successful presence online. We enjoy working closely with our clients to ensure that we build them a website that they can be proud of. A website that truly works for their business. A website that will attract new customers and will encourage existing customers to return again and again. We feel that we have built St Vincent Arms a website that shows off their services perfectly and will encourage customers to not only visit St Vincent Arms, but also encourage them to recommend St Vincent Arms to their friends and family.

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