Simply Living Aids

Simply Living Aids supply aids that aim to make the life of people easier. They sell a wide range of products that all improve the life of the user.

Having a website would increase the reach of Simply Living Aids. This would mean that Simply Living Aids could help more people than they would if they only had a physical shop. It would also allow those with physical disabilities or the elderly to buy the products without having to leave their home.

We designed and built a website that gave a sense of peace as soon as the user landed on the homepage. This is because JPS Media understand that the first impression of a business is the most important. If the first impression isn’t good, the user will leave your website and onto the website of one of your competitors. We feel that the design of this website presented a welcoming feel for the user.

In order to make this website work for them, Simply Living Aids needed and eCommerce website that was easy and straight forward to use. Therefore, we ensured that the whole process of browsing the products, to adding them to the cart and finally, purchasing them was as simple as possible. This ensured the user enjoyed the whole process of dealing with Simply Living Aids, and would recommend them to friends and family.

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