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Sexy Agenda required a website that would allow them to sell their services online. A website would allow them to reach a wider audience. Thus, increasing their chances of being successful online. Having a website is an excellent way to reach more customers than you would with a physical shop alone. JPS Media have been helping businesses succeed online for many years and know what works for a website and what doesn’t. Therefore, when you choose to work with JPS Media, you can rest assured that you are working with a company that will help you become successful online. 

It is important that when you are building an adult content website that you build it in a tasteful way. The website we built for Sexy Agenda is extremely tasteful and classy. We wanted to present Sexy Agenda as a company that has taste and can be discrete and classy. The colours we used on the website adds to the classiness of the website. This shows that we understand that the colours and the design can change the overall feel of a website. As we have stated previously, we know what makes a website work for a business.

Working With Sexy Agenda

Sexy Agenda contacted JPS Media to discuss how we could help make their business success online. We discussed the different options we had available and decided on that we would design them a bespoke website that would showcase the available products. We ensured that the website was easy to use and navigate around whilst also being aesthetically pleasing.

JPS Media understand that an adult content website needs to look good and also be tasteful. If the website isn’t tasteful the user may click away from the website and onto the website of a competitor. We feel that the website we built for Sexy Agenda was extremely tasteful and classy. It was also easy to use and we made sure that it was secure for the user to make purchases online. This is an important aspect of website design.

We worked closely with Sexy Agenda on every step of the design process in order to ensure that we built them a website that they can be truly happy with. JPS Media enjoyed working on the website and feel that we have built a website that will help Sexy Agenda succeed online.

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