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In 2017, John Aston wrote a book called Refuge of The Roads. This book was about motorsport and was part autobiographical and part reportage. John realised that he could expand his audience if he brought his book online. Having an online presence would allow him to reach readers that he would not have been able to reach with just a physical book alone. Therefore, we decided to build Refuge Of The Roads a blog website. A blog website is the perfect way to allow John to get his work online. A blog website is the perfect way to display a person or group’s opinion online.

John also wanted his readers to be able to leave comments on the posts that he added to the website. We decided to make this possible by building a ‘visitors book’ page. This allowed the comments to be in one place. Having the ability for users to leave comments on a blog is an excellent way to ensure you are provided your readers with topics that they want to read about. It also makes a blog website more interactive with its readers. Thus, making it a more interesting website to visit.

About Refuge Of The Roads

Refuge Of The Roads is about the travelling and hobbies of John Aston. This website was linked to a book called Refuge Of The Roads which John wrote in 2017. The book is part autobiographical and part reportage. The topic of the book and website is motorsport. John decided that he wanted a website to co-exist with the book so that he could widen his audience.

The website and book will include John’s autobiography dating back to the Sixties. They will also include details of who he meets along the way. He wanted to write about the motor scene in 2017. This would include the highlights and the lowlights of the industry. The aim of John Aston was to share thoughts about how the wider world sees the motorsport industry.

Working With Refuge Of The Roads

John Aston approached JPS Media because they were interested in a website where they could write down their thoughts, adventures and details of their history. Having a website alongside his book would expand his audience. This would mean that more people would become aware of the motorsport industry. We discussed his options in detail and we decided to build a blog website with the ability for people to leave comments built into it. This was accomplished by building a ‘visitors book’ page. The visitor’s book page easily allowed users to interact with John, making the website more interesting and interactive.

We ensured that the website was easy to use and navigate around. This meant that the user would be more likely to stay on the website and read on. The website needed to attract as many new and recurrent visitors to the site as possible. In order to do this, we understood that our client would need to know how to add posts and keep his website up to date with information. Therefore, we taught the client how to use the website correctly in order to attract its users.

This website works perfectly for John Aston as it showcases his book and allows him to share his passion with his readers. The website is easy to use and this will help attract new and recurrent users.

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