Ravensworth Lodge

Ravensworth Lodge

Ravensworth Lodge is a small residential care home in Scarborough and accommodates 22 residents. It is a non-profit making establishment and offers a high standard of care to it’s residents.

They came to us so that we could build them a brochure website that would showcase their  care home. The website needed to be beautifully designed, whilst also being easy to use. We wanted the website to become a digital extension to the care home. Therefore, we ensured that we prioritised user-friendliness and also used some beautiful images and informative content on the website. This helps build trust between our client and the user of the website.

We decided to keep the website simple and clutter free. A cluttered website will make it difficult to use and the user may click off your website onto a competitor’s site. The information on the website needs to clearly displayed and easy to read. This will allow the user to obtain all of the information they need in order to decide whether they will choose to send their loved ones to the care home.

We also used the same shade of green used in Ravensworth Lodge’s logo throughout the whole website. This also helps build trust between the user and our client.



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