Local Village Pub In Wilberfoss

When The Oddfellows Arms contacted JPS Media they were looking for an experienced company that would be able to revamp their current website. Here at JPS Media, we have years of experience of designing and developing websites from scratch, but also revamping the current websites of our clients. We enjoy working on both types of contracts as we know what helps make a website work for a business. 

In order to ensure that we knew exactly what The Oddfellows Arms required from their new website, we ensured that we discussed the purpose of website with Oddfellows Arms. Once we understood what they required, we set about building the website. We designed the website to showcase the beautiful local pub. We also ensured that we built a ‘contact’ page where the user could easily book a table. This ensured that the website made it easy to book a table for everyone, thus, increasing the reach of The Oddfellows Arms.

About The Oddfellows Arms

The Oddfellows Arms is a local village pub located in the village of Wilberfoss, on the outskirts of York. It is at the heart of the Wilberfoss community and is often frequented by the local residents. It has a welcoming, homely feel to the pub. The landlords make both the locals and out of area customers feel welcome. The food is delicious and is good value for money. Choosing to visit this pub would be one of the best decisions you will make.

Working With The Oddfellows Arms

The Oddfellows Arms originally approached JPS Media for a complete revamp of their website. They wanted a more up to date website that would showcase their pub. JPS Media have over ten years of experience in revamping websites for companies all over the country. We know what works for a company and what doesn’t. Therefore, we know how to make a business successful online.

In order to make this website user-friendly, The Oddfellows Arms wanted to make their website as simple to use as possible. JPS Media worked closely with our client to ensure that we met all of their requirements along the way. We ensured that the website was easy to understand and easy to navigate around. All of the information that the user will need in order to decide whether they want to visit The Oddfellows Arms is available at a click of a button.

We also built in a contact page so that the users can easily book a table at The Oddfellows Arms. By having this feature on the website, the number of people visiting the pub will increase. Increasing the website’s reach will ensure that the website is a success. This means that the pub will not only be a successful business, but it will also be a successful business online.

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