Modified Enthusiasts

Modified Enthusiasts is a modified car enthusiast group. They use the website to chat all things modified cars.

In order to reach out to more like minded people, Modified Enthusiasts needed to build an online presence. They, therefore, needed a website where the user could easily log in and post their comment. JPS Media advised Modified Enthusiasts that an online magazine website would be the best type of website for them.

We designed the website in a way that would make the user feel as though they were looking through a car Magazine. This would help the user to feel at home using the website. Therefore, we decided to ensure that the website had an informal feel to it. The user needed to feel comfortable enough to post their pictures and comments. If the user doesn’t feel comfortable in interacting on this type of website, the website will fail in its objective.

The overall design of the website allows the user to easily interact with each other. We also kept the process of adding photos and adds simple. This means that Modified Enthusiasts can update the website when they need to!


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