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Manor House Music approached JPS Media to request that we build them a brochure website. It is important to understand that the aim of a brochure website is to showcase the services of a business, or company, in a beautiful, yet simple way. The website needs to be easy to navigate around and the experience of the company needs to be easy to see with just a click of a button. The website we built for Manor House Music does just that. It is beautifully designed and easy to navigate around. We have included bother videos and pictures of Manor House Music, and have accompanied these with detailed descriptions of the services they offer. By doing this, we have made it easy for the user to see what Manor House Music has to offer and this will help them decide whether they want to hire Manor House Music or not.

About Manor House Music

Manor House Music was established in 2005 to fill the gap for a top-quality quartet. They not only play for weddings, civil partnerships and corporate functions and can also be booked for concerts and festivals. Manor House Music provides a high calibre of performance for all different types of events., Thus, there are very versatile and highly sought after. They also have a YouTube channel that has 15 videos for you to watch so you can see what they are truly about.

As we have already stated, Manor House Music are highly sought after. They have performed at over 800 weddings, corporate events and concerts. They have performed in over 200 different venues all over the country, including South East, South West and the Midlands. Manor House Music is an excellent choice for all types of events.

Their beautiful combination of arrangements and high-quality performances create an inspiring backdrop for all different types of occasions. Their members also play with many of the country’s leading chamber groups and orchestras. They also tour across the globe and appear on many classical and many soundtrack recordings. This means that when you hire Manor House Music you will be hiring some of the best musicians in the music industry.

Working With Manor House Music

Manor House Music first came to JPS Media because they wanted to showcase their music and to extend their overall reach. Having a website enables a business or company to reach people that they wouldn’t reach if they didn’t have one. Therefore, it was extremely important that the user could see exactly what Manor House Music has to offer at a click of a button. If the website wasn’t easy to use, the user would click off the website and use the website of a competitor. This is the opposite of what we wanted for this website. We, therefore, worked hard on the design of the website, ensuring that we included every possible aspect of the services offered by Manor House Music.

As we do with all of our clients, we firstly discussed with Manor House Music what they wanted from their website. We always do this with our clients so that we know we will design and build them a website that will work perfectly for their business. Manor House music explained that they would like a brochure website which explained what they were about, why they were first established and would showcase the work that they do. Therefore, we ensured that we had separate pages for all of the different aspects of their business. For example, we have pages for their weddings and corporate event. Each page explains in detail what they would do at each different type of event and also included a link to examples of their work at each event. This was a very important part of the website as this truly showcased their work which is exactly what they wanted from the website.

To enable us to showcase what Manor House Music does, we also included a page where we could include clips from their previous performances. This was an integral part of this website. The brochure needed to attract new customers and also attract returning customers. This brochure website included every different aspect of the work of Manor House Music.

To completely ensure that this website worked for Manor House Music, we also included a contact form. This made it easy for potential customers to get in contact with Manor House Music to ask any questions they may have and to be able to book them for their special occasion. This is a website everyone could be proud of as it works perfectly as a brochure website. The design is simple, yet beautiful and is easy to navigate around.

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