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The aim of the website was to showcase the guitar classes that Joe Johnson offered. We wanted to make the website easy to use and navigate around, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. This is why we used guitar strings over the letter ‘O’ in Joe Johnson’s name. This allows the user to see straight away that Joe taught guitar lessons. Making sure that it is obvious what a website is advertising is extremely important when designing a website. This is because a user wants things to be made clear to them as soon as they visit a website. They do not have time to have to search for information, they want things to be available at a click of a button. 

We felt it was important to include endorsements provided by some of Joe’s students on the website. This will help encourage new students to choose Joe as their guitar teacher. Users often use the experiences of others to help them decide whether to use the services being offered on a website. 

About Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson is a member of the group Shed Seven. He offers guitar lessons to students in York. Joe is an excellent guitar teacher who is patient and calm with all of his students. He is helpful and offers excellent advice.

Working With Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson approached us to create a website that advertised his guitar lessons. We feel that the website works well for Joe Johnson. It provides details of the lessons he offers. The prices of the lessons are also included on the website. It also answers the frequently asked questions that Joe is often asked regarding the lessons he offers. This was a very important aspect of the website as it allows the potential guitar student to get answers to those all important questions without having to contact Joe individually. In order to advertise how good Joe Johnson is as a teacher we also felt it was important to add an endorsement page on the website.

We designed the website in two colours so as not to distract the user from the information on the pages. We feel that the website works well and are proud of the website we built.

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