Grey Voter

Grey Voter is a blogger that wanted to create a safe space where people could come together to discuss all kinds of political topics. He wanted an open place where people could voice their opinions. This is why they approached JPS Media.

Grey Voter asked us to build them a simple, yet informative website where they could build up their members. We, therefore, chose to use a minimum amount of colours on the website. This was so the colours didn’t distract the user from the important topics being discussed. This allowed us to create an almost newspaper layout for the website. This layout is perfect for forum websites like the Grey Voter. 

We also ensured that the different pages on the website were clearly labelled. This allowed the user to make a quick decision which page they needed to visit. We built a ‘post a topic’ page where the user could post about anything that they felt passionate about. This was a simple, straight forward process for the user. If we made this process too difficult, the user wouldn’t post. 

The login and register process were also kept simple in order to encourage new members, and to encourage existing users to return to the website.

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