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Evie Rees contacted JPS Media for us to build her an adult website to promote her external platforms. We decided that a portfolio website would be the most appropriate type of website to build for this client. This is because a portfolio website would easily display the adult content provided by Evie Rees. We ensured that the content was easy to find and navigate around. JPS media knows that a difficult to use website will make the user move on to the next website. Thus, losing the users for our client’s website. We ensured that the colours we used on the website didn’t cause visual distress to the user. We also wanted the colours to portray passion and sexiness. We feel that the beautiful pinks worked perfectly.

We also wanted the image on the home page to be tasteful and appealing. This is why we used a large image of Evie Rees and ensured that this image matched the colours of the overall website. The image is inviting and interesting. We feel that this page showcased the work of Evie Rees in a tasteful, yet sexy way.

About Evie Rees 

Evie Rees is a 25 year old lady who has been making adult content since the age of 18. She enjoys making quirky and creative videos in order to entertain people on the internet. She offers custom videos to her clients and offers some naughty freebies.

Working With Evie Rees

Evie Rees contacted JPS Media because they required a website that would allow her to showcase her adult videos. She wanted it to be classy and sexy. We discussed what she required from the website exactly and discovered that the most appropriate type of website would be a portfolio website. Therefore, we needed to build a website that was easy to use and navigate around, and also showcased the videos and pictures at a glance. This was done by creating a separate page for her videos and a separate page for her photos. This would allow the user to choose which content they would prefer to look at.

One of the main things that Evie Rees wanted on her website was the ability for the user to request custom content made just for them. In order to make this process easy for the user and, thus, encourage them to contact her and request the custom content, Evie Rees asked us to build in a page that contained details and prices of all the different things they could request. JPS Media made sure that this page was easy to follow and understand and that the prices were clearly displayed.

We feel that this website is beautifully designed and that the colours and styling is classy, yet sexy. It is easy to use and navigate around and was a joy to work on. 

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